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For those of us at Untours, there are no words to describe our love and sorrow at the passing of Berit Greutert.

For me personally, I believe that, 30 some odd years ago, if it had not been for her amazing graciousness, her love of fun and, therefore, her trust in the oddball, Harold Taussig, and his crazy idea of Untours, we would have never gotten this unconventional travel company off the ground. But her role as one of the founding hosts of Untours is a tiny drop of what she means to us.

Like Vance, I have lost a combination of mother, sister and most amazing friend. Every molecule of Berit knew joy and knew how to meet every situation with her incredible fun-detector. Everyday, I look at my life differently because of her, and see if, no matter what the circumstances are, I cannot find some laughter or kindness that I can add to the situation. I could not have known how to infuse that spirit into all of life had I not had the privilege of living in Berit's house for many summers. She has been my north star of happiness. Her death brings sadness, but it does not rob me of the gift she has been to my life.

If you knew Berit, we would really love it, if you could add a comment here on this discussion, or upload a picture (just click the tiny icon of a camera at the top of the comment box) . If we assemble all the memories, all love that so many of us felt, into one spot, it will help us remember that, in the most lasting ways, she is not gone from us, nor as long as we remember her, will she ever be.

Marilee Taussig

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Thank you so much for this. A picture of Berit smiling....the one with her peeking out of the window sits on my desk at Untours and everyday I am reminded how lucky I was to know her.



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