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Will the map function on my IPhone 5 work in Europe? Just hit the icon and it locates me, I enter an address and get  map guidance?

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Hi Don. It will definitely work when you are using WiFi data. Before you take your iPhone with you to Europe, you should call your carrier and ask them about getting a calling and a data plan that will work in Europe. They'll charge you for the privilege, but then you'll be able to use the GPS/map function on your phone. This can be very useful when travelling. Here's an FAQ we've written on the subject:

http://www.untours.com/faq.html (click on the "Cell Phones" tab)

Get the app CityMaps2go. You can download maps to your iPhone so no need to have wifi connection to use the map. The app integrates the gps capability of the iPhone into the map display. I have used it in Italy, Austria, Germany, South Africa and it worked great.

Thank you

This sounds like a good idea.  Do you download them before you leave home?  Last summer we did contact Verizon and had the per day plan for $10 while we were in Spain.  It only costs you on the days you turn on your phone.  Maps, phone calls, etc. will all work as they do at home.



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