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Are TSA approved luggage locks used by many travelers? Do they really help keep your "stuff" secure?

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I no longer use locks on my luggage.


Don, TSA locks are fine here in the US.  But they are not something I would use in Europe traveling.  We had an "incident" in France when using those locks  TSA is a US gov't agency, NOT a European/US agency..  If you want to secure your luggage and at least be able to tell if it's been opened, use a cable tie.  

Don, we use locks on our luggage.  Does it keep our "stuff" secure?  Who knows?  So far nothing has gone missing.  We use the TSA locks where you can tell if it has been opened and sometimes it has.  On the outer compartments where there is nothing of value, I use plastic clip things from Magellan's, mainly to keep it from accidently opening.  We just returned from a trip to Italy and all was fine. 


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