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My husband and I are considering the Istanbul Untours for May.  We're well traveled and have been on six other Untours.  Here are a few questions which we're hoping other Untourists can answer:

Is it helpful to have a tour guide in Istanbul,  or is it easy to navigate the city and get to all the historic sites on one's own?

For budgeting purposes, is there a ball park figure which you can suggest for lunches and dinners?  We'd be going "middle of the road" for most meals.

Are there any suggestions or observations you'd like to share about your Istanbul experience?

We'd love to hear from others!

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I just noticed your post.  We were in Istanbul last May and LOVED it. We would go back in a minute.....It is VERY easy to navigate the city and get to all of the historic sites on your own.  Food is very reasonable and there are all types of options.  I have written a few newspaper columns on our trip, although I've only had time to post two to the Untours Cafe.  If you go to my page, you can see the first two.  I will be posting one about the food in Istanbul in about a week.  Istanbul Impressions - Untours Cafe  If you have any questions, feel free to email me via Untours Cafe (I think you can still do that)...if not post them on the Idyllchat discussion group......

It was absolutely wonderful to receive your response to me questions about Istanbul!  You're the first (and only) Untourist to respond to my post!   My husband and I have traveled extensively, but never to Turkey, so we were not certain about how Istanbul compared to Cairo, for example, which is extremely difficult to navigate without a guide.  I'd much rather travel without the constant presence of a guide, so your feedback was very encouraging.  I have to run, but I'll be back in touch if/when more questions arise.

Again, many thanks!

Sharron Kenney

Hi Sharron:

I'm a big fan of public transportation and we were able to use it to get everyplace we wanted to go.....including Ortakoy, Chora Church, and two towns in Asian Istanbul.  Taxis, however, are reasonable should you want to use them.  The only thing a guide might help with is cutting down the lines at some of the more popular spots....but there are ways around that, also.  We never had a long wait anywhere.




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