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If we want to go for two weeks is it better to have the two weeks in one place or one in Heartland and one in Oberland? If there an advantage to changing places as far as being closer to other sights to see? Is it easier to just stay in one place and commute more to see other areas?  We are interested in easy scenic walks. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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We always preferred to stay in one place in the heartland and use the train.  Most of our Untours have been for a month, during which we would do an overnight trip to a distant location (renting a room in the distant location).

Example: Our overnight trip in Zermatt:



Bill Kover

That is a tough call. We were in the Heartland for two weeks a couple years ago and will be in the Oberland for two weeks this fall. From one area you can certainly go to the other and we did. My opinion is that there is plenty to do in each to warrant two weeks. There are a couple of things we think about in the one vs two week thing. One week isn't really one week. You cannot check in until afternoon of a Wednesday and you have to check out early in the morning on a Wednesday. That really only means six days. When you take out about a half day for an orientation and initial grocery shopping, you only really have 5-1/2 days there. The second issue is if you are unfortunate to have a day or two of inclement weather, that can represent a significant part of a one week stay. Our preference has been to make our Untours stays a bit more relaxing and stay two weeks.



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