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We are taking our first Untours trip to Switzerland in September.  Should we consider taking a favorite food/snack (popcorn, raisins, whatever)?  What favorite snacks have others taken with them?

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All of the above works for this. The Swiss have all those and a lot more. NO PEANUT BUTTER! The place is crawling with it. Be prepared for the best breads you will ever eat. Cheeses from all over, not just Swiss. For popcorn, a seasoned salt if you wish, but there are others here too. I like the fresh popcorn kernels bought in Migros stores and popped in a HEAVY pot at home. The stuff that you buy in already popped stalls is stale, as a rule. Pistachios are cheap in Denner groceries. Raisins (Rosinen) are all over. There are a lot of Asian snacks in the groceries also. You can get sushi too. A lot of local dishes also (where in CH are you going? No malnutrition here, for certain.
None! Switzerland is a grocery,snacker lover mecca. There will be everything your heart desires and more. Some of their schemes make me smile. In some of the larger Migro or Coop stores (e.g. Interlaken, Luzern, Bern) there are moving ramps that permit that take you and/or your grocery cart to the levels you desire. Groceries sometimes on the 2nd floor, or lower level. On the way up or down, they load the sides with chips, crisps, crackers, etc. Shoppers pluck these goodies as they ride.
I save room in our luggage to take home various items not available in the U.S. Have favorite coffee (cost less than US). Some spices come home. Knorr has an array of sauces, boullion, various mixes that you may find interesting. Take some of the boullion home at the request of friends. Just made homemade applesauce, using zimpf (cinnamon) from Migros.
Some folks bring peanut butter which is a mystery to me. While I love peanut butter, why would I take it to the land of Nutella? (nutty chocolate spread). And by the way, they have peanut butter. I saw Miracle Whip last year, but would not permit it in the cart. Swiss butter--yummmmmmmmm! And Vance is right about the bread. Each region has its own bread. It's worth a trip to St. Gallen just to eat the bread.
The produce sections are a delight. Wait till you taste the melons! Wait until you taste the sweet little potatoes. Thinking of their superior butter lettuce makes me homesick for CH! Forget about the USA for a few weeks and limmerse yourself into the Swiss food culture. Save room in the luggage!
Don't bring any snacks. The following Swiss snacks will occupy your mind the minute you arrive: gipfeln, black forest cake and cornet mit rahm (sugar coated pastry cone filled with REAL whipped cream), all available at the local bakery. You also might want to consider some Swiss chocolate bars, BIG ones.
Hmm. Sounds I need to lose weight before I go...Actually I was thinking more about little stuff. If I just have to have cinnamon on my oatmeal or fruit or can't live without garlic salt, it seems silly to buy two or three ounces of the stuff.

Thanks for all your tips. I'm enjoying these pages including the journals.
By all means pack those little items you can't live without. I actually do pack my four oatmeal servings for two, in small sealed plastic bags. That way I just add water--and away we go. But hopefully you will be close to a bakery (konditerei) to take advantage of morning bread and/or gipfelis (croissants. My husband is at the back door of the bakery when it opens, bringing back warm rolls and my gipfeli. What a treat. Fresh bread and rolls--slathered with sweet butter, dripping with good jam, it doesn't get any better.

As for weight, I have never gained an ounce on our trips (four weeks). Shows what walking will do for you. And we love the bakery treats Bill mentioned. We are afficianados of "coupes" (sundaes). These are art forms in Switzerland. Often accompanied with colorful items and cookies. Not inexpensive, but when you taste the whipped cream it doesn't matter. Just add a few more miles to your next hike.
That's funny. We will be in Meiringen. My brother-in-law has already vowed to run to the bakery each morning. (More power to him.)
I buy those tiny plastic ziploc bags often found in pharmacies. We add 2-4 teaspoons of favorite spices to take with us. Salt and pepper are already provided in the apartments, of course. Hope you have a great trip!
...which reminds me, what staples can we expect to find in the apartment? Do previous occupants leave leftovers for us and are our leftovers (oil, sugar, salad dressing) used by the next visitors?
We were provided with bread, cheese, butter, sliced meats, eggs, coffee, tea, eggs, salt/pepper/sugar, tea, apples, pears, wine. All were fresh, unopened packages - no leftovers. European food shops sell many more smaller size packages than you generrally see in a US supermarket. We had virtually no leftovers to leave after our Untour.
My favorite souvenirs are found in the grocery/bakery/wine shops. If you need a snack for the plane over, take what makes you happy (I do mini carrots and Twizzlers). Once there let yourself loose in the neighborhood shops. That's how I found Hagelslag and stroopwaffels. Major yummies!
I agree with Joan and Bruce - take nothing. Switzerland's markets have a wide selection. Forget your favorite from America and go Swiss - eat what they eat!



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