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.  Can anyone tell me about a Kindle (which one?) compared to the Amazon Kindle "Voyage E-Reader? We love to travel, but we are tired of lugging books.  Pat

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Eleanor here.

Recommendation:  Kindle Paperwhite if all you want to do is READ.

In the fall of 2010, the Latest Generation Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device had been purchased; one for Bill and one for me.  Extra monies had been spent for the built-in light, but it had never been used.  Did not care for its design.  As an avid reader, I finally wore out the battery in early fall of 2013.  A replacement battery had been found online, purchased and after some difficulty installed.  Hints found online via Reviews had helped with its installation.

Then, my niece had recommended Kindle's Paperwhite model.  She said that it was much easier to read from its white screen.  After thinking about it for awhile, I finally decided to upgrade and purchase Kindle Paperwhite, 2nd Edition.  A leather case, power adapter and screen protector was bought along with the 2-year warranty plus accident protection.  I loved it!  Why? ease of reading and its light-weight and size.

Its size, 6" resolution and weight made it great for fitting easily into my purse or into a coat pocket.  I used it every day at home, in the car, on the plane and in the chalet/hotel or wherever we were.  

I was afraid of a low battery during our recent flight to Switzerland since I would be reading in the airport before our flight, and then on the plane during the 8-hour plus flight.  Even though I didn't need to recharge it, I did purchase a great lithium battery recharger, Gomadic Power Pack, Model: LBP which fit into one of my jacket pockets.  No problem with airport security.  TRICK with saving on the battery power is to make sure the "AIRPORT" setting is selected except when you are purchasing and downloading new books.

Just recently, I had taken advantage of Amazon's Cyber Monday Sales and purchased their Fire HD 7.  Since we are not into Smartphones and other fancy gizmos, I'm having a little difficulty setting up the other features available on it.  I am awaiting copies of two paperback books just ordered to help me set-up the email accounts; perhaps to download videos to be streamed to our television set; using the front and end cameras, etc.  Neither Bill or I are into games, so that feature doesn't interest us.

Recommendation for eBook Reader would be the Paperwhite if that is all that you wish to do is READ.

I agree completely with Bill's assessment of the Kindles ------- we have the original and the fire ------- but if you are just reading books then the Paperwhite is it. The fire gives you access to the internet etc.

I have an Ipad with the Kindle app on it and it works beautifully for doing everything I want when on a trip. 

Once you have a Kindle account with Amazon you can register a great number of other devices and share all of your books between them ---- even read the same book with your significant other at the same time!

I also have the Kindle app on my computer and can read from it also.

Happy lightweight reading


I have the most basic e Reader and am happy with it.  It does not have the touchscreen, but the new one does.  You can get a cover at Walmart with built in LED light for about 20 bucks, runs off the Kindle itself.  Amazon periodically has them on one day sales.



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