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Which is the cheaper way to purchase some to start our trip?  Triple A, etc.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Hi Lyn.  Can you tell me about "legs bags"?


Are you in the US?  One can buy leg bags - a bag with two velcro "belts" which we wear around our lower legs- in nearly any travel section of a large store.  I think we bought these in Target- but I will not swear to it.  I know you can get them online.  We have taken multiple trips with our bags in place ---with the foreign currency-- and no one in the airport security has ever detected it.  As I said, when we rent apts, most want the cash up front when we check in.  Most ATMs will not allow that much cash in one transaction.  Yes, we bring back as much leftover cash as we have at the end of the last trip, but on our next trip we usually stay 7 or 8 days in our first overseas destination.

Yes, I'm in California.  I've always worn a money belt, but didn't know about leg belts.  Love the idea.

Thanks for the great info.  

Stay away from AAA, and bank, etc.  Advertise locally to get some starter funds. If not, then stop at the arrival airport ATM and load up ------ you can get enough for your stay with just one withdrawal ---- and then keep it safely tucked away! 



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