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My husband, sister, bro-in-law and I are doing our first Untour in the Bavarian Castle this coming October to celebrate a major birthday and wedding anniversary. We have traveled together many times, renting apartments/cottages/houses because we like being in a neighborhood and exploring small areas with special adventures. We all really enjoy good food and cooking. Most souvenirs we gather come from the grocery stores. No where in the blogs or trip reviews I've read is there much mention of food other than an occasional restaurant suggestion. I expect the kitchens in the Untour apartments to be small but how equipped are they? Primarily for prepping breakfast and sandwiches or can I plan on doing a real meal? We don't plan grand feasts but want to be able to try lots of the local fare.

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We,too, like good food and we like to cook, particularly with the ingredients we can not get in the US (Colorado). The kitchens in the Untours apartments are probably as variable as the Untourists, but most are adequate for breakfast--and some for lunch. Some have ovens, some do not. Some have knives that will cut bread but not tomatoes. Some have microwave ovens, some do not .Some have toasters, some do not. Etc. The pots and pans for the most part are inexpensive (sometimes cheap and warped) and worn. Lots of pasta pots. But, you can luck out with a little diligence. Read the Untours kitchen copy carefully and ask questions. Ask questions more than once if this is important to you. We were told that a particular apartment in Paris had an oven and it did not. And this was after the Untours person in Media emailed the Paris rep for clarification and was told that it did have a proper oven. The photos sent by the Paris rep clearly showed that no oven existed and that the cooktop had two burners.

For us, the point of an apartment versus a hotel room is the possibility of super food, which we like to cook. And super wine, which we cannot get here.
Thanx - this is exactly what I am trying to learn. I can deal with a strange collection of kitchen ware. Give me cheese, wine (or local beer), good bread and sweet butter and I can make it for a long time. A local trout or sausage and I'm in heaven. When I check luggage, I do carry my own knife. This time we'll probably do carry on so I guess I'll have reason to buy a new knife and send it home.
We have been on 3 untours and have developed a pattern. We use the kitchen for breakfast and snacks. We eat a large meal midafternoon and very light at dinner time. We have never had a problem with the kitchen facilities. We are foodies and occasionally cook up a pasta dish using local fare or cheese and sausage platter. Still not a problem!
In our Untours to the Swiss Heartland (2002 and 2004) and Paris 2008), we usually had breakfast and a light dinner at the apartment or chalet. Lunch was either a picnic or a nice meal at a restaurant. This plan resulted in a big budget saving. We actually spent less money than budgeted for meals on our Paris Untour. When the Triplogs are finally posted, check out our 2004 Swiss triplog for meal ideas. We went into detail on meals and money spent each day.
I have seen your lunch photos as well as those at charcuteries, patisseries and fromage shops in Paris so I konw you eat well. We're not looking to do our own cooking just to save money but because we like shopping in the local shops and having the chance to try lots of local things, not always in restaurants. Believe me we do like that part too. We're not first time travelers, just first time doing an Untour and truly looking forward to it. As I have reread the apartment description, I see that there is a large communal kitchen in the castle available for our use in addition tothe apartment.
We stayed at the Castle in the Carola apt on our first Untour in 2002. I must honestly say I don't remember all the details about the kitchen, except it had the smallest dishwasher I had ever seen. Like most Untourists, we tend to eat our big meal out during the day, and have a small light dinner at home in the evening. So a lot of cooking wasn't an issue for us.
However, I would like to mention that the Castle has a huge kitchen in the main great hall, that they use for renting to groups for special functions.. It is where they served our group our farewell dinner. It is not the kitchen where family meals are prepared. If it is not in use, perhaps you could inquire whether you could use it for a special meal, or borrow some of the equipment if your apartment is lacking. The Baron is a friendly fellow , and I know he has an email address to inquire, perhaps you could to get it from Untours.



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