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I have received what I think is a bogus message from someone names Cynthia.  Has anyone else received a message from her?  I believe maye she is a spammer.


Joan Christopherson

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Hi Joan,,,
Yes, quite a few Cafe members brought this individual to our attention. Once we are aware of these types, we can ban them from putting anything else on the cafe and get rid of existing postings and we did ( about an hour after she joined). Unfortunately, we can't UN-send the email notifications that her activity generates. (If you got an email it is because you have been asked to be notified about new blogs or discussions)

Not to worry. She's gone.

We watch carefully, but there are a lot of spammers (and worse) out there to watch and we don't want to close the Cafe to the public. We try to think of the Untours Cafe as a lot like a REAL Cafe...no guarantee the occasional unsavory character might show up, albeit briefly.

Thank you very much for the heads up.....the stupid people can send out a lot of annoying stuff in a short time so the sooner we know the better.



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