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My husband and I want to go to Italy Spring 2009. Want to see the high spots. Thinking of staying 2 weeks. Rome, Venice and Florence then a week in Tuscany.
Want to probably have escorted somewhat tours to the cities then stay somewhere on the water for a week. Any suggestions...Will probably be our only trip to Italy.

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Why not go with UnTours for your Italian Experience! UnTours can give you a week in each of those cities - as well as a week in a Tuscan village apartment. That covers all the bases - so to speak! Actually you could combine Florence with your week in Tuscany, getting an apartment in a village that will be within an hour's drive of Florence. So - you could do a week in Venice, a week in Rome, and then a week (or more) in a Tuscan village not far from Florence. Untour can do that for you in 2009, as all UnTour sites are available for one week stays! You won't need an escorted tour - your local contact and all the UnTour information and literature will allow you to conduct your own personal tour! Call them now!

I agree with Pete and Maggie. Untours is the best way to do this. But if that isn't an option, I highly recommend renting an apartment in each of the cities, as opposed to a hotel. Most apartments can be rented for as few as two days or as I've done - 3 months! The daily rate is much cheaper than a hotel, and you'll get a better feel of the city you are in if you stay in a neighborhood apartment instead of a possibly barren Americanized hotel.
No matter where you go, if you have a digital camera, take lots and lots of pictures. You can always delete what you don't like. I got mine in 2005, after going to Venice for many years. My daughter said "Momma, take lots of pictures". My reply was,"But I've already taken so many of Venice I don't think I'll want to take a lot more pix." Well, three-fourths the way through my stay there I had to start deleting pictures on my 1gb memory card because I had run out of space!!
You really should consider an Untour with a week in each place. I always feel sorry for people I see on Bus Tours. While we are out enjoying ourselves and seeing everything from the ground, they are only seeing it from a bus window. In the big cities you can easily join a tour of different museums etc if you wish. We did an Uffizi tour in Florence and a Vatican Museum tour in Rome and still had lots of time to see other things on our own at our own time. With all the information you can find on the web these days it is really easy to research a trip before you go. Untours does all the grunt work of setting up airflights, apartments, ground transportation, local contacts, escorts.
If you want to get excited about Italy, check out some of my blogs and photo slideshows by going to the Destinations Tuscany and Rome. I have photos of Florence too. If you click on the photos, you can read descriptions of the photos.
Hope these things help.



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