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Is there any way that the Ning people can make the slideshows at least show the title of the photo when you view the photos in slideshow?

There are beautiful photos there to look at but....unless you pull up each photo separately, there is no way to know the location of the photo.

Since the photos are not in sections according to location, we are viewing a mishmash of photos, it would help with IDs.

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I think you can have slideshows generated for you that are based by tags or by person, but I don't think that's exactly what you're asking.

From what I can tell, when you are in slideshow 'mode' (where it takes up almost the whole screen), if you click on a photo during the slideshow, the title/caption/description info is displayed on the right side.
That works. I clicked on the slideshow picture and it went to another screen with the information on the right like you said which is helpful. Then I had to hit a return to slideshow link.

Downside.... no one just looking at the site knows this unless they are familiar with that feature. Many people are novices.

Perhaps an instruction line needs to be added or maybe it can still be set to show the title with the picture. Meanwhile, you just made my viewing more fun! Thanks!
I'll keep an eye for a way to make that happen. We don't have as much control over the inner "guts" of the site as we'd like, but we do have a pretty good feedback loop with the people who are doing the development of it.



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