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We've been tossing around the idea of adding in some unobtrusive advertisements to the Untours Cafe.

The Untours travel philosophy, apart from being about getting to know another culture, country, & people, is also about finding ways to keep the costs down (live like a local!). We don't want to anyone to feel bombarded by (text) ads for widgets, gadgets, & unnecessary accessories, but we do want to try to highlight some potentially good deals for stuff that you might have to buy anyway.

The advertisements will be most likely short text ads, and they'll be on the lower right column of the page.

So please weigh in... will the addition of ads destroy your Untours Cafe experience? Will you even notice them? Will you scour them for smart buys or gifts? Please let us know in the comments below.

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I'm a newbie but see no objection to having some small ads placed on the right side of the page. The ads should be from companies or places that are useful or informative to the members and I would certainly trust the editors of Untours to use discretion. Thanks for a wonderful resource. I'm beginning my planning for a trip to Tuscany/Umbria/Emilia- Romagna next Ap/May and love reading about everyone's experiences.
I think it is a good idea. This is a big site to maintain. Amy
Oh, I don't mind, and I'm sure it would be economic sense. As for me. I'd likel;y not notice them and probably wouldn't "scour" them. Jerry Nolan
Thanks to everyone who has chimed in so far. We Cafe baristas really appreciate your thoughts, and if anyone else would like to share their thoughts, please keep on replying.

Just to clear a few things up -- we definitely won't be using pop-up or pop-under ads. We'll be trying out some different methods, so I can't promise that all the ads will be perfectly filtered at first. We'll be tweaking and working on the accuracy, so bear with the growing pains in the beginning!
Have confidence in Untours to chose only appropriate ads so we say "go for it".
The Untours Staff always does things very tastefully so I am sure that any ads will be done in the same manner. If it helps keep Untours and the Cafe up and running in these tough economic times, definitely go for it. I'm glad that you are not considering pop-ups though because then my pop-up blocker would have to do some work. (smile).
As long as the advertisments are filtered, I have no problem with it. I would expect that the ads will be from untours members who will suggest bargains from little known sources, for the rest of us to enjoy. I know that I have a few of my own!
Just to clarify a bit, we actually don't get to choose which ads are displayed. All we are able to do is filter out ads we don't want displayed. It looks like Google has correctly ascertained that we are interested in travel and is showing lots of ads for travel services other than Untours. At some point, we may need to think about whether we want to show ads for competitors like Perillo Tours on our own site. For the time being, I think we'll let it play out and see how things go. Not many people are clicking on them anyway.
Am not sure if I already sent this in another way as I am an Apple kindergartner...In general, I am against ads,,however i agree with the opinions expressed so far..small unobtrusive would not be a hindrance....just as long as they are NOT pop-up! Barb Murray ( sure wish I knew how to send a linkof this for question #10 That will be my next question at the Apple one on one class)



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