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We've been tossing around the idea of adding in some unobtrusive advertisements to the Untours Cafe.

The Untours travel philosophy, apart from being about getting to know another culture, country, & people, is also about finding ways to keep the costs down (live like a local!). We don't want to anyone to feel bombarded by (text) ads for widgets, gadgets, & unnecessary accessories, but we do want to try to highlight some potentially good deals for stuff that you might have to buy anyway.

The advertisements will be most likely short text ads, and they'll be on the lower right column of the page.

So please weigh in... will the addition of ads destroy your Untours Cafe experience? Will you even notice them? Will you scour them for smart buys or gifts? Please let us know in the comments below.

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I wouldn't object to small, inconspicous ads for things that might be useful for travel.

If you had ads for vendors in the country of Untourists' destinations, it might help them out if they forgot to take something with them.
I, personally, have no problem with it. Almost every website I go to including my email has advertising. I use gmail, and they have very unobtrusive sponsored links down the righthand side of the page.
As long as they keep the spirit of being "helpful" and related to Untours, I have no problem with ads.
I don't object to small marginalia ads, such as used by GOOGLE, when viewing the pages.. I would object to pop-ups or unsolicited emails.
I agree with the others. A few small ads that are travel oriented would not be a problem or affect my enjoyment of the Cafe. I would probably check them out at times to see what sorts of things you're choosing to let us know about. I'm sure the ads could generate some welcome funding for the tremendous amount of work you all put into the Cafe site.
I would have no problem with ads as long as they don't popup. Ads for travelguides, ultra light suitcases and other travel needs would be acceptable. If that's what it takes to keep the Cafe open I am all for it.
I feel sure no one would have a problem with small, unobtrusive ads that do not pop up. We know they can help the cafe to flourish, and might even impart some useful information.
Go for it! If it helps pay the bills, then it's a good idea. We trust your judgement on this, as we have in the past. Go for the gold!
Yes, small ads would be fine-- almost all companies on the net have ads-- we are used to them,
and most importantly travel related items would be a plus!!! Let's keep the Cafe up and running!!
Sounds like everyone is for the ads. Helpful to Untours, small, no pop-ups, ads related to travel. Go for it! I don't think it will destroy our wonderful Untours Cafe experience.
I thinks that small adds for travel related products would make this site more appealing. Even if I am not interested in any of the photos, videos or blogs on the site, I would be still interested in going to this site if there were travel related products advertised here. It would save me time Googling for information. It's always more appealing to have one central location for travel information and travel products.
Agree with fellow Cafe customers. As Mrs. Slocum says "we are unanimous in this". Ads are a way of life--just no pop-ups. Your judgment is excellent, and if it helps with the bottom line, all the better.



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