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I took this online quiz recently and was surprised at how accurate it was in terms of describing the kind of travel I like. I'd be really interested to hear how others of you like it and which category you end up in. Knowing more about the range of travelers we have might even help us shape future Untours offerings. Here's the link:




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Every time I click on the website, I get an error. Is the address correct?
Sorry! I guess you have to get there from the home page. Go to http://www.besttripchoices.com/ and click on PLOG TRAVEL PERSONALITY QUIZ at the top. I've corrected my entry above.
So okay Brian, I took the quiz and it turns out that I am quite suited to travel the Untours way. Dah.... I knew that!!! hehe (so it didn't exactly mention Untours but more like it described the Untours type travel.)
It says that I am a Centric-Venturer. In other words I am middle of the road leaning more toward venture. Their description of my travel desires are pretty good , of course, except the part about liking cruises and owning time shares. They'll never catch me owning a time share!!! I'll spend my money on Untours trips instead!!!

So ... what category were you in Brian???

Bill, I bet you and Eleanor end up in the same category as me! I'll have to get Frank to take the quiz too if I can catch him by the computer long enough.
I came out as a Mid Venturer. Eleanor hasn't had a chance to take the quiz yet.
I ended up with Bill in the Mid-Venturer category. I'm guessing that many Untourists would fall into the Centric-Venturer category and some into the Mid-Venturer group.

I'm glad to see that you'd rather do Untours than time shares and cruises! Me too!
I am a mid-venturer... still reading through the LONG description. It's kind of like a horoscope :-)
I have no idea as to the final outcome to the Plog Travel Quiz. Twice I made attempts
to submit my choices, and both times the "Next Page" had been omitted.
I wasn't able to "Submit" my answers. Perhaps, I'll try again later.
Since Bill was able to complete the Plog Travel Quiz, I decided to give it
another "go" using his computer. This time I was able to learn my
classification--Centric Venturers. Perusing through the two page
description, I would have to agree that there were many accurate items.
For instance, I prefer a good bed. It doesn't have to be located
in a "pricey" hotel/motel. We're not there for most of the day. All I want
is a roof overhead, a shower, bathroom and a comfortable bed. Like
Marlene, I'm not too keen on cruises. The only one that I would consider
might be an "explorer-like" ship to Alaska whereby they would have a
geologist, and other experts onboard. Classes would be available.
Absolutely, I prefer to visit smaller towns, and would enjoy leisure drives
through the countryside. (Albert Greutert accommodated us with this
pleasure when we were in Switzerland.) Yes, I do prefer B&Bs because
it enables one to become acquainted with others. It would have to be
something very different and special for me to buy, pack and carry (or
Bill would carry) all the way home. I rather use the money for a good
meal or to see another sight.
No, I don't spend a whole lot of time watching television. I prefer reading
a good book. In fact, we don't even have "cable television." If we want
to see a good movie, we rent a video from our local library.
I'm quite surprised as to how well the quiz personality description zeroed
in on me.



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