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You may think things at the Cafe are calm, but back in the kitchen we are cooking up some new stuff!

Wouldn't it would be great if everything about one Untour destination could be reached via one page on the CAFE? We are working on a Destination Tab that links to a page where all the photos, blog posts, discussions etc. about a particular Untour destination -- starting with Switzerland. (other destinations soon afterwards)

On the Switzerland Destination page, we want to somehow put the experience of Switzerland in bottle, and use the picture and the words of Cafe members to create a big WHIFF -- that is the essence about what people love about Switzerland. To that end, we would like your opinion on the following

What is the ESSENCE of the joy of a Swiss Untour?
Here is what our Swiss staff came up with as their ideas . Please post your response by telling us which of these are your favorites, and what other favorites have they missed?

  • boat rides
  • color of the water that changes through the day
  • sunsets on the peaks of the alps
  • bus rides (griesalp?)
  • Feeling of being in a cablecarThe singing at the dinner
  • Picnics by the lake
  • Picniks on the top of the mountains
  • Traditional cheesemaking
  • The "Top of Europe"
  • Alps & Palm trees (side-by side in Ticino)
  • The open markets of Ticino
  • Arriving in Gandria on a boat
  • Hiking along the river in Verzascatal The singing at the dinner
  • Picnics by the lake
  • Picniks on the top of the mountains
  • Traditional cheesemaking
  • The "Top of Europe"

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Deep green valleys and sparkling blue lakes nestled between snow capped peaks creating vistas that take your breath away and make you feel lucky to be alive. All this being cared for by friendly people who realize what a special place this is and gladly share it with others who join in their appreciation of such splendor.
Aren't You Glad You Are An Untourist?

Yes we are so glad to be an Untourist--- no tour busses for us--
go where you want, when you want, with Untours --meet interesting people along the way!!
Every day is a new adventure! Can't wait to go back in 2008!!!



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