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There are lots of opinions about whether or not to purchase travel insurance when booking an Untour.

We have purchased the travel insurance offered by Travel-Insured International (which has a partnership with Untours) for all of our Untours. Some would say it was money wasted and others would say it will pay off some day.

Ours paid off this time! We had to cancel our three week trip to Tuscany North and Venice scheduled for this fall. And we had to do it less than 30 days from departure, so all of the final arrangements had already been made, including flights!

We had well over eight thousand dollars invested in this trip! No small sum for a couple of retired teachers! Between the refund policy of Untours and our travel insurance we were able to recover all of our costs - minus, of course, the original cost of the policy.

So - we are now strong believers in travel insurance. We found Untours cancellation policy to be reasonable and we found Travel-Insured International to be very easy to deal with.[ I had my reservations about ever collecting on the policy after reading all of the fine print in the contract]. We simply sent in the required documentation supplied by my doctor and by the Untours staff and within 10 days we had a check in the mail. No questions - no hassle!

Our advice on travel insurance?
It's always your choice...........but we will be buying insurance for our Italian Untour rescheduled for the Fall of 2008!

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Travel insurance can be expensive these days and sometimes it hurts to send in the money for that policy knowing that most likely we won't need it - and so far we haven't, thank God. Finally, though, I came up with a way of looking at it all that made buying it a lot less painful. I know if we need it, it will be there and I will be eternally grateful I purchased it. However, if we don't need it, I will thank God that we're both well and happy and able to go on our trip - and that is well worth the price of admission....
Glad to hear of the good outcome you experienced as the result of taking out trip insurance with Travel-Insured
International. Although I'm 82 and take 2 or 3 trips each year, I've never taken such insurance until this year to
cover my September South Tuscany Untour. I would be going with two gals, one of whom had had a couple of
strokes and the other one had several recent bouts of sickness, so it was basically for my own protection.
Thankfully, it wasn't needed. But I've also taken it out for my month-long trip to South Tuscany next May - at my
age, decided it is probably the best thing to do, and it is certainly very reasonable.



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