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Perhaps this is better placed in the blog, however there is a question imbedded in this message. Martha and I are celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year by arranging to take our family (3 adults, 2 spouses, 2 grandchildren) to Normandy for a week and then on to Paris for a week. We have been planning this for some time and now that the time has arrived (in about a week) We both think that we're crazy. Nevertheless, plans are made, cars and apartments have been contracted, maps purchased and lists generated with enough places of interest picked out to fill 6 weeks! Any last minute advise from seasoned travelers would be appreciated. We are planning to take many pictures, some video clips, glasses of vin rouge, and expect that everyone (down to the 8 year old) will have a wonderful time. We plan to let the "cafe'" know how we made out.

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Though we've done about a dozen Untours, we haven't yet taken the family along. However, we've made reservations in Meiringen for ourselves, our two kids and their spouses, and our four grandsons (who will be 7, 9, 10, and 15) for next summer. I'll be interested in seeing your report--I hope you will include any do's and don'ts you can come up with for traveling with children!

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