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I usually check the members tab first on the Untours Cafe to see if anyone new has joined. I've noticed that when I am online a green dot and "Online" are visible under my photo. This has also been visible under some other photos, like Marilee, Kim or Powen. I assume then that this means the person is online at the Cafe site at that moment.

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Yup that's what it means! I'm not sure of how it works exactly with detecting who is online. It's pretty neat though!
Is there a way to know all the people who are onliine at one time without scrolling through the entire list of members?
I haven't found a way yet, but I'll be sure to let you know when I do.
I noticed the same thing when I checked new members also, glad Bill brought to the attention of
the Untourscafe staff.
I think we could probably put a chat widget on the cafe so that if you were on we could do live IM, but I am not sure we need it. What do others think?
What is "IM" ?
Instant messaging! sort of like Live email....it's what El and I do on Skype when our mikes don't work...that little typing gizmo that goes with it. (teenagers do it 24 hours a day now!)
Sounds like a good idea - after seeing who is on to be able to talk or text with them..............



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